The Best Ben & Jerry's Flavors in the Cellar

Chances are you if you go to SCU, especially if you live on campus, you have had one of those nights where you hit the Cellar and beeline straight to the back corner freezer. You know the one: the holy grail of Ben & Jerry’s.

So if you haven’t yet settled on one particular flavor that you absolutely must get every time you should try one of these:

Phish Food (froyo)

This flavor is to die for. It’s got caramel, marshmallow whip, and chocolate fish all wrapped up into delicious chocolate ice cream, or in the cellar’s case froyo. The froyo might even be a plus because, hey, it’s a lot less calories so when you inevitably eat more than you should have, you don’t have to feel so bad!

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

This one tends to come in both froyo and ice cream, but I recommend the ice cream. It just has a better texture that way. The title is pretty telling, it is chocolate ice cream with brownie bits throughout. It’s basically a chocolate lover’s dream.

The Tonight Dough

Inspired by Jimmy Fallon, this flavor tastes good and goes to a good cause. Fallon is donating all the proceeds to a non-profit that helps children. The ice cream itself has caramel and chocolate ice creams with chocolate cookie swirls and two different types of cookie dough.

Mint Chocolate Cookie

This one is much more simple that the other options on the list but if you like mint ice cream this is the one for you. It is a delicious spin on mint chocolate chip boasting mint ice cream with Oreos mixed within.