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Alpha Delta Pi: Andrea Farnan


If you’ve seen a blonde, bubbly young woman, often sporting a “Go ADPi” button, around Benson, chances are it was Andrea Farnan. Benson is where Andrea typically holds her office hours as a Senior Leadership Consultant for Alpha Delta Pi, Santa Clara Panhellenic’s newest sorority. Originally from Norman, Oklahoma, Andrea is a graduate of George Washington University’s Class of 2011, where she studied international affairs and anthropology.

While most people from her hometown typically stay nearby, Andrea knew she wanted to venture farther away. While attending GWU in Washington, DC, she became a member of Alpha Delta Pi’s Alpha Pi chapter during her freshman year. At GWU, Andrea participated in many community service projects and was involved in campus activities, such as Balance: The GW Ballet Group. Andrea not only participated in several groups on campus, but also enjoyed activities off campus and around the DC metropolitan area. She often brought aspects of her campus life into the larger scope of the city.

“The thing I loved about DC is that you were always so ‘moved in’ to the greater community. For example, if we were doing a community service project for ADPi, we might be gift-wrapping at a big event at one of the Smithsonians for Christmas. We’re doing something you do so many times for a community service project, but we’re having such a ‘panned in’ experience doing so,” said Andrea.

While trying to get involved on campus during her freshman year at GWU, Andrea participated in Formal Recruitment.

“I was really looking for a ‘home away from home’ because I didn’t know a soul going into college. I was looking for girls that were from all different backgrounds, genuine, smart, and interesting.”

Andrea found all of these qualities in Alpha Delta Pi and had a great experience with her chapter during her time at GWU. Now in her second year as a leadership consultant for ADPi (this is her first as a Senior Leadership Consultant), it’s clear that ADPi plays a significant role in Andrea’s life. It is something she loves and absolutely enjoys being a part of. As a Senior Leadership Consultant, Andrea works for Alpha Delta Pi’s international organization as both a member of ADPi’s executive office staff in Atlanta and as an international officer. At Santa Clara, she’s found that helping create that same experience she had at GWU for the girls in ADPi here has been just as fulfilling.

“Getting to create that experience for other people is amazing,” says Andrea, “The most rewarding thing is seeing people who maybe joined ADPi as somebody who doesn’t know necessarily what they want out of their college experience or who they want to be, and then pairing them with mentors and older sisters who can help them be the best women they can be. I feel very lucky.”

Although she’s been busy establishing ADPi, Andrea’s found the time to sightsee around the Bay Area. She’s visited Ghirardelli Square, Santana Row, and Palo Alto, and has listed the friendly people and of course, the beautiful weather as some of her favorite aspects of the area. When she’s not exploring the city or working with the girls in ADPi, Andrea enjoys reading, yoga, shopping, running, and taking dance classes when possible.

Next time you see Andrea around campus, be sure to say hi! Or, if you’re interested in learning more about Alpha Delta Pi at Santa Clara, shoot her an email at scadpi@alphadeltapi.com or message her through Santa Clara Alpha Delta Pi’s Facebook page

Sydney is a senior at Santa Clara University majoring in marketing and minoring in international business. She's originally from Washington, DC, but absolutely loves living on the opposite coast and soaking up the California sunshine during the school year! On campus, Sydney is involved in the Peer Judicial Board, Shadow SCU Program, and intramural sports. Some of her favorite things include running, listening to music, watching old episodes of The O.C., and painting.
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