Aaron Moyé '18

Let me paint a picture for all of you ladies out there. I’m going to take a guess at what I think is the ideal man based on what I’ve heard from my friends and have seen in those awful twitter posts: very smart, tallish (around 6’, 6’1”), funny, caring, humble, kind, can hold an intelligent conversation, relaxed, good looking, great smile, good hygiene, stylish, and wants to do something with his life that utilizes his own strengths to help others. Makes you feel a little hot and heavy, huh?

Damn, if only there was someone out there that… OH WAIT THERE IS. That’s right, you’re in luck ladies. There is someone out there that matches all of these traits to a tee, you just don’t know him. I think he prefers it that way. Regardless, I’m here to expose this guy so all of you can have a shot at him (you’re welcome). Ladies, meet Aaron Moyé.

Aaron is a (single) sophomore mathematics and finance major from San Francisco. Later in life, Aaron wants to use mathematical models to help small businesses and promote buying local. I’m pretty sure he got into most Ivy League schools, but he’ll deny that. Aaron is currently involved in IM soccer and goes to pick up most weeks. This kid could play on the men's varsity team here, but again he’ll deny that if you ask him. On the topic of sports, Aaron cites his favorite moment at SCU so far as watching the women’s team beat Stanford at home. He loves the women’s team, even though he doesn’t know many of them.

Aaron is a man of simple pleasures. His current favorite meal is oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon. The only things he needs in a day? Gum, contacts, floss, and maybe a nap. His greatest attribute is his listening skills (hear that ladies? I don’t know what more you want). His ideal date scenario? Just spending a weekend camping in a national park. That’s it. This is about as low maintenance as it gets, girls.

At first, Aaron might seem a little shy or even a little socially awkward. That is just his way of weeding out the weak willed. Beyond his first impressions, Aaron is the complete package. He’s a diehard feminist, his grades are stellar, and he is a genuine person. When asked what he wanted his message to be to the Her Campus audience, Aaron said, “You’re strong, smart, and beautiful!” I’m not kidding. Single file line, ladies.