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9 Fashion Tips From a Plus-Size Woman

I have been plus-size for as long as I can remember. I was always a little fluffy growing up and, since then, I have learned a lot about how to dress my body in a way that makes me look semi-put-together. My wish for all you lovely readers of this article is that you will somehow feel a little more confident when deciding which look to rock each day. So, without further ado, here is a list of fashion tips from a plus -size woman. 

1. OWN. IT. The first step to fashion is what’s underneath. You have a body, and it’s automatically bangin’ because it’s you. I still get uncomfortable with my body, but I know there are certain things that I love and I like to highlight those the most. For example, I love my blue eyes, so I like to wear a lot of shades of blue to make them pop. If you have great legs that you want to show off, do it!! You’ll feel more confident if you show off what you're proud of.  

2. Know when less is more. Like I said, if you have great legs, show them off! But sometimes showing them off doesn't mean booty shorts that are more like jean underwear than shorts. Skinny jeans or a skirt is a great way to show off your legs without leaving you feeling completely exposed. There’s no need to reveal too much skin if you don’t want to, especially if you’re in a more conservative environment like school or work.  


3. Show some skin if you want to. I live for off-the-shoulder tops and peak-a-boo backs. They show just the right amount of skin that I feel comfortable with. Plus, I feel so cute when I wear them. If you have a low-cut top or even jean underwear that you want to wear, just go for it! You’ll look great because you’ll feel great.  

4. Accessorize. Sometimes larger-size clothing can be a little boring because it's almost all black. Spice it up a little bit with a fun patterned scarf in the winter or an accent necklace in the spring. I personally like to layer two to three dainty necklaces with a few small bracelets to add a little bit of personality to an outfit.  

5. It’s all about your lines. I’ll admit that I don’t really have a waist. I’m pretty boxy so I have to create the sense that I have a waist with my clothes. My go-to move for this effect is to tuck in a shirt to my high-waisted skirt or jeans. The shirt cuts off where my waist should be and draws the eye in, so it’s more flattering. I also like to tie a flannel around my waist to have the same affect. By accentuating my waist where it should be, I create curves that aren't even there.  

6. Know where to get those dealsss. Unfortunately, some business owners are the worst, and they make plus-sizes more expensive. At Torrid, for example, a sundress could cost $40 to $60, whereas at Target, a similar dress could cost $20 to $30. Also, Target has most of their non-plus collection in size XL and XXL, so you can get a huge selection in just one store. Also, a recent fave of mine is Old Navy because they always have mad deals. A dress there could cost $10 to $20 on any given day. I know I got a high-waisted bikini there for $20 and it is really flattering. The only problem is that a lot of their clothes can be similar to basics or plain colors, so you have to accessorize them more. Forever 21 also has a great online plus section and the deals are incredible. I literally just bought pants from their site last night and I’m so excited for them to come in the mail! 

7. Understand that plus-size clothing is different from many clothing brands. The lines are totally different and are meant to flatter fuller figures, which is a good thing because it means you don’t have to try to wear a top that makes you feel totally uncomfortable because it was designed for someone else. Feel no shame in shopping in the plus size section because you are about to follow step 1 and OWN IT. Go ahead and treat yourself to some clothes you know you’re going to look great in.  

8. Don’t underestimate shoes. Okay, it’s time for the weirdest tip I have… I only wear white or light-colored shoes. This is because the white makes my feet look bigger, which makes my ankles look smaller, and flatters my whole legs. If I were to wear black shoes, I would look like a “Despicable Me” character with teeny feet and huge legs. I know it’s weird but it’s something I think about when getting dressed in the morning. Bottom line, just make the whole outfit count.  

9. Last tip, only because it’s so important… OWN. IT. Here’s a video that says it all. 

Hopefully this advice helps you and gives you some inspiration for how to spice up your closet in a way that flatters your body. Have fun owning it and being the best you that you can be! 

Libby is a junior at Santa Clara University studying Political Science and Communication. She is also a Community Facilitator in Casa Italiana and a member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. In her free time, she loves to hang out with friends, see her family, and watch tv. Her favorite sentence is "It's a great day to be a bronco!"
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