5 Ways to Get in the Holiday Spirit

With the holidays right around the corner, here are my top five ways on how to get in the holiday spirit.

1. Starbucks Holiday Drinks

Now that Starbucks’ holiday drinks have arrived, get in the holiday mood with a Peppermint Mocha or an Egg Nog Latte. Starbucks’ holiday drinks are the perfect way to celebrate the season because you can only enjoy them during this special time of the year! Or, pick up some peppermint hot cocoa from Trader Joes, add some whipped cream, and make your own holiday drink!

2. Play Some Christmas Music (& Sing along)

Put on some classic Christmas songs, turn up the volume and sing along! Everybody loves Christmas music, and it’s sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

3. Bake a Holiday Dessert

Whether its sugar cookies, gingerbread men, or a Yule Log, baking your favorite holiday dessert will get you in the holiday mood for sure. Spread the love and make extra to share with your friends and family. You can even ask your friends to help you bake and spend some quality time together. Enjoy eating your treats while doing #5.

4. Get Cozy  

Light a candle or two, pull out a warm blanket, and put on your favorite cozy PJs. While it gets cold outside, stay warm with a hot cup of tea and a good book or…

5.  Watch your favorite Christmas movie     

Put on your favorite Christmas movie! Every year when the holidays roll around I start a movie marathon that usually includes Elf, Home Alone, The Santa Clause, The Holiday, and all the cheesy movies on Hallmark and it automatically puts me in the holiday spirit!

These five things will have you counting down the days to Christmas!