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11 Thoughts We Had When We Opened the New SCU Website

Recently SCU unveiled its new website design. And it was a big deal (I mean, I think it was based on the number of emails they sent about it). It is an effort to push SCU into a “new digital direction”. But that doesn’t mean that it left us all feeling warm and fuzzy. Here are a few thoughts we had when navigating the new website:


1.     *opens website* What the hell… What is this??

2.     Did I type in the right address?

3.     Okay it’s not horrible looking I guess.

4.     What is STEM and why is it our front page?

5.     Science, technology, engineering, mathematics… don’t we already do that?

6.     Okay, Camino, that’s what I came here for.

7.     Where the eff did they put the log in button?

8.     It was right there in the corner before!! Why did the hide it?

9.     I guess “Students” would probably be a good place to look…

10.  Why is this so much more complicated? Everything was fine before!!!

11.  Can we just go back to the old layout?



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