Time For Myself: Selena

In the final stretch of the semester it can be hard to find time for anything other than assignments. Selena is making sure that is not her path.

"I can get pretty stressed, just like everyone else" says Selena. "But I want to make sure that I am staying healthy both mentally, and emotionally."

Asking Selena how she would accomplish that when professors are assigning all final projects, and preparing their students for finals she responds "No matter how much work I have, I have to take a break. No one can get work done if they are super stressed."

You might feel like you are waisting your time if you aren't working on school related stuff, or studying, but Selena doesn't want you to feel that way.

"It is physically and mentally impossible for any one person to sit for like, an entire day, and do work work work. You need to step away to clear your mind. Sometimes when I'm studying I feel like I am not understand or remembering anything but it only takes 10 to 15 minutes away from my notes to realize that I have actually remembered things."

How does Selena take breaks? "I'll watch some t.v. or have a snack, if the weather is nice I'll sit outside for a while. It is really nice to step away from time to time."