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Things To Do During Spring Break

Spring break is finally here! Even though I’m ready to completely drop school work and forget about it for an entire week, I’m ready to use this break to my advantage. Sadly, I won’t be going somewhere that’s “sunny and 75,” but I do plan on being productive.

Catching up on schoolwork

So much work, so little time.


With an entire week off of school, I will be taking advantage of my availability and make some money!

Sorting through my clothes

Even though the cold weather won’t leave us alone, now is a good time to sort through unwanted clothes. Clean out unwanted clothes or items that don’t fit right. That way, there will be plenty ofroom in your closet for new clothes!

Plan your Summer/Fall semester

Even though class registration doesn’t open officially for another few weeks, now is the perfect time to plan out the summer/fall semester. Talk to friends about class and teacher recommendations so that you can better plan it.

Get together with friends

The one thing I hate about college is that our school’s break is a different week from my friends’ breaks! If possible, get together with your friends on the weekend, or take a road trip to see them during the week. Seeing them for a few hours is better than not seeing them at all!

Take a break from school

Lastly, don’t forget to take a break! Take the time to settle down with a book you’ve not had time for or do some retail therapy. This is the week to take it slow and not worry about school! Take advantage of it!



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