Stranger Things 2 Teaser Answers and Leaves Questions

Last night during the Super Bowl the world was treated to the first ever promo for Stranger Things season 2. We all loved season 1, of course, so how ecstatic were we to get a peek inside the next chapter? Very excited.

It all happened so fast I found myself crazy scrolling on Twitter to see if someone had posted the promo yet. Let's begin with where is Eleven? She's in the upside down...right? Why is Mike yelling out her name? Is she back? Is she in danger?

Why are the kids dressed up as Ghostbusters? Is it part of their "mission" this season, or is it their Halloween costumes? Or did they just feel like wearing their Ghostbusters outfits to school that day?

Who is sitting on the chair? Why? Is it Will with Joyce?

WHAT is that thing in the red sky Will is looking at?

And the biggest twist of all...season 2 comes out Halloween 2017. We were all told it would be summer, alas we must wait longer than we thought.



Images: screenshots by Joanna Barragan