Stay Organized and Relaxed This Midterm Season

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Although is does not seem like it, we are already half way through the Fall 2017 semester. It's been a weird passing of time that has us running from obligation to obligation, we know what we need to do on each day but we can't remember what day it is. Many are in the middle of midterms, are preparing for them, or are finally finishing up, and if you're wondering how to stay organized, and relaxed during the craziness of it all we have a few tips for you!

1. A planner is a MUST 

There are thousands of planners in the world, but no one does them like Erin Condren. A lifestyle brand with stationary that helps you plan all of life's toughest schedules, her Hardbound LifePlanner will help you embrace, and look forward to organizing your study sessions!

2. Stay hydrated!

When you're super busy, or studying your lashes off it's easy to forget to drink water. Stay hydrated with a can of Spindrift on your desk. Made with sparkling water and real fruit (including lemon, cucumber, grapefruit, orange mango, strawberry, blackberry and more!) it's unsweetened and gives you that fresh taste you need to get through the toughest subjects.

3. Have snacks, seriously...

Just like it's easy to forget staying hydrated, it's easy to forget eating. Take a 5 minute break, get a snack! And if you're craving candy grab a handful of Hi-Chew soft candies. They're soft, not too sweet, and come in kinds of flavors including strawberry, mango, grape, and apple!

4. Do your hair on the run

If you realize you've run out of time to wash your hair, don't sweat it! Bead Head by TIGI provides some dry shampoo that absorbs excess oils. Spray on your way out, or take it with you in your purse or backpack for later.


We all know what its like to be drained, emotionally, mental, and physically after midterms. Refresh! Revitalize! Freeman Beauty's face masks leave your face feeling fresh, and looking bright by getting rid of dead skin cells by giving your skin care routine a kick.

Brush your teeth! Our toothbrush usually sits (exposed) in the bathroom. Think about it, there are a lot of different things going on in a bathroom, and a lot of different particles floating around. Protect your toothbrush with Steripod's toothbrush protectors, they contain thymol (found in many mouthwashes and antiseptics) so you know that your toothbrush is safe, and clean!

And if you feel like you haven't gotten enough sun with all the studying you've been up to, L'oréal Paris has their Sublime Bronze Salon Airbrush Mist for your in home tanning sesh, and if you're into someone quicker, try their tanning wipes!

6. Treat yourself.

You've worked hard, and you deserve a treat. Aéropostale has some of the best jeans, they're stretchy and comfy! You won't even feel like you're wearing them, and you'll look like you put in tons of effort when all you did is throw on a pair of jeans!

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Photos 1, 3, 4b & c by Joanna Barragan