SCSU's Maria Saracco, The Next Tina Fey?

With a pep in her spirit that no one can deny it is evident that Maria Saracco is bound for something great. A Communication major at SCSU with a concentration in Film, Television, and Digital Production Maria has high hopes for her career.

"I really want to go into writing scripts," says Maria. "And hopefully work my way up to become an executive producer, I can be in charge and create my own shows that, hopefully, mean something to people."

Maria has always been interested in this industry, unknowingly she was preparing for this career since she was just a child.

"I always had some form of a camera in my hands when I was younger," says Maria. "I have always had an interest in the film industry."

And anyone who wants to be someone in the t.v. and film industry should know their stuff. It takes watching movies and television shows to learn, to study and to shape what kind of work one will do. Maria definately understands that, her obsession with films and television is evident in the way she speaks of her favorites.

"Game of Thrones, Bones, Criminal Minds, Stranger Things," says Maria. "I am currently rewatching Drop Dead Diva, Gossip Girl, 30 Rock, Entourage and so many more for fun!"

Maria's voice immidiately changes and her hand movements become much more sharp as she mentions her favorite person in the industry.

"Tina Fey!" Maria nearly yells. "I always say I want to be Tina Fey when I'm older, minus the acting because I really can't act."

Her reasons for being such a passionate Tina Fey fan?

"She is a visionary," says Maria. "And so funny, I can't even begin to tell you how much I truly admire her."


Cover/Images: Maria Saracco