Molly Flanagan: The Next Wes Anderson?

"I've always been indecisive about what I wanted to do in life but with films I can create a new scenario with each different film," says Molly Flanagan.

Flanagan is an honors college freshman at SCSU. At Southern, she majors in Interdisciplinary Studies with focuses in Communications, Creative Writing, and Theatre. The goal: Film Director.

But what influenced her to go down this path?

"I love movies and art," she says. "Besides the fact that I can never get bored, films are such a great way to learn and spread different ideas and perspectives around the world." And she loves watching movies and learning from them.

Her favorite genres of movies are documentaries and modern dramas, and she hopes to direct these types of films in her future as well.

Her idol as a director is Wes Anderson.  She likes him because "of how whimsical and fun the cinematography in his movies is. He brings humor to really sad situations which I enjoy."

Keep pushing, Molly, and maybe one day we'll see your name on the big screen!


Cover & All Photos: Molly Flanagan