Meet Our HC SCSU Campus Correspondent

Sitting in the warm students center on a cold blistery day, I had the privilege to sit down with my leader and editor-in-chief Joanna Barragan.

Joanna is the Campus Correspondent for our Her Camnpus Southern chapter. Joanna is like wonder woman with how she juggles school, her job, her personal life and leading a fabulous group of Her Campus writers. 

Everyone has a different story when it comes to how they first learned about Her Campus, "I found out about Her Campus on facebook, seeing high school classmates post links to the articles they were writing for their chapters," says Joanna.

But why did she want to get involved? What was her interest in starting a chapter at Southern? 

"I was interested in the overall layout, the kind of articles that are written. They're laid back, relatable, funny," says Joanna. "I also want to write for a magazine and I loved that Her Campus gives that kind of experience."

The title Campus Correspondent carries a lot of mening, so when I ask what it is she does at the HC SCSU correspondent, Joanna says, "I lead the group at Her Campus SCSU, I recruit an executive team and oversee them, make sure they are doing their jobs and meeting requirements. Recruit writers, make sure we are meeting weely requirements. I respond to any of the national HC workers that send out questions and information to our chapter...there is so much to do I could sit here for hours giving you all the details!"

So having this HC responsibilty on top of all the other aspects of her life, school, a does she do it?

"It can be difficult to balance but I use my time wisely and I've learned how to dedicate time to each responsibility. It can get stressful especially since we are only a little bit over a month old, our team is still small and I am still figuring out how I want my chapter to work and function. But I'm sure we'll get on our feet and running soon!"

It takes great responsibility to run a Her Campus chapter and I believe there is no one more fit for this job than Joanna!

From all of us here at Her Campus SCSU, thank you Joanna for taking the initiative to bring this amazing organization to our campus. We all appreciate the work you are doing for us.

Thank you again my friend for giving me the privilege of interviewing you and bringing so much life and sunshine into the conversation. Never forget that you are truly amazing!


Cover & Images: Joanna Barragan