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The Magic Spell of “La La Land”

It took what seems like forever for the film “La La Land” to be released everywhere. It was released in select theaters in December, then in more select theaters on Christmas, then finally this month of January everyone got it at their local theaters. 

I have been waiting to see this film since they began advertising it on social media, before commercials were being aired on television. Award season has begun and there are many great movies up for nominations, and rightfully so. I recently watched “La La Land” and understood the praise it was receiving.

Sitting in that dark theater with 70+ strangers while Ryan Gosling, with his hands in his pockets, and Emma Stone with her sweet like honey voice danced and sang on the big screen.

I had been listening to the soundtrack weeks before going to see the film and could not wait to see to what scene, and/or dance sequence the music belonged to. 

It was literally an out of body experience. With all the pain and struggling the world is going through, on a large scale and in our own day to day lives, I sat their singing along to “Another Day of Sun”, “A Lovely NIght” and all the “La La Land” songs without thinking about the stresses of starting a new semester, or the stresses of my next life move. I just watched for 2 hours as two dreamers help and guide one another to reaching their own dreams. 

The overall message of the film is very appealing, very relatable. Sometimes dreamers feel like they are being foolish with their dreams, they should be realistic, grow up and do something that will ensure a career and a steady life. Like Mia and Sebastian, dreamers sometimes lose their way or begin to doubt everything they have ever wanted or worked for. 

I must admit, without giving anything away, the ending left me happy but also very, very upset. 

The asthetic of the film was beautiful, like a dream you never want to wake up from. The love story was so sweet and innocent it warmed your heart. The music, the dancing, the humor. 

Walking out of the theater a woman asked me “Was the movie good? Was it good?” I responded with a simple nod of my head and a “yes” but only because I had not really sat down and thought about just how great it was. 

Would I go back and watch it again? In a heartbeat. To momentarily forget the real world “La La Land” is a perfect escape.


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