The Future of Television: Tyler Carbone

Tyler Carbone is a senior at Southern Connecticut State University with great aspirations to shape the future of the television scene.

Carbone majors in communications with a specialization in Film and Television Production.  His love for television started at a young age and grew with him as the years went on.  Carbone knew when it came to picking a major exactly what field he would be going into. 

Carbone is currently interning at a local radio show, ‘Chaz&Aj in the Morning’.  There he is learning crucial skills to better his future in the communications field. Carbone’s main interest for a future job is script writing.  At his internship, Carbone has the ability to utilize his creative mind and get real world practice in the field of writing. 

“At my internship I come into the Chaz&Aj show on PLR in the morning. I typically will come in and bring the guests up to the studio and will video tape the interviews and edit them afterwards. I will write little bits for them to do on the show,” Carbone said.

Carbone is scheduled to graduate this coming spring from Southern Connecticut State University.  Carbone is planning to continue work in the radio field at Chaz&Aj while he looks for a more permanent job.

“After graduation I'm not sure what exactly it is I want to do but it for sure will be in something like movies, TV, or sports. I like both video and radio so we'll see where I end up,” Carbone said.

Carbone’s internship has helped him learn many new skills and learn the tools of the trade, this caused a greater interest for radio to form.  Carbone is now looking into the radio field for future jobs.

“I have been looking at different jobs at Sirius radio in NYC like at the Howard Stern show, NFL network, NHL network, Comedy Central network,” said Carbone.  “I'd love to work at any of these because these are all jobs in my field and things I really love like sports & comedy.”


Cover & Photo: Tyler Carbone