The Best Gifts for "The Office" Fan In Your Life

The Office, the best. As a personal fan of The Office I can testify that this is one of the greatest shows ever. I laugh, laugh and laugh some more. Cry a little here and there, and just love all the characters, care for them deeply, and understand them and their quirks like the back of my hand.

If you love The Office as much as I do, or if someone you know loves The Office as much as you and I do, here are some awesome gifts to give them (or to ask for)!

1. Copy of "The Office" autographed script

2. "The Office" sticker pack

3. Michael's The World's Best Boss Mug

4. "The Office" character signature shirt 

Let's be honest, any "The Office" you give a fan will make them squeal with joy. Whether it's something with the some of the most hilarious, memorable quotes from the show, or something with the faces of the cast...they'll love it!



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