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All Your Spring Break Essentials

We are finally reaching the mid point of the semester, and that means Spring Break. People left and right are packing up their things and heading towards sunshine. Whether you’re going to Disney, Cancun, or staying home this Spring Break we have all your getaway essentials!

Planning Supplies

If you are leaving the state for your vacation you will need to keep track of all the fun things you’ll be doing, all your events, flights, and when you’ll be heading back to campus.

Erin Condren has some of the best stationary you’ll see. Stocked with with planners, interchangeable covers, journals, markers, stickers, address labels, and much more. Erin Condren, what a dream!

Tanning Beach Beauty

You’re either out in the sun, somewhere warm, or you’re at home wishing you were getting a tan. Regardless of where you find yourself, L’oreal Sublime Bronze will help you get that toasty tan you’re looking for.

Also, get some color on your lips with Charlotte Tilbury, who gives any woman the confidence to strut the beach like it isn’t all sandy and unstable beneath your feet.

No wash, no prob.

We know when you have free time the last thing you want to do is wash your hair every other night. Soak up any extra oils with Freeman Beauty’s Psssst! Tropical Dry Shampoo, no one will ever know that you skipped a wash!

Back on campus?

Dreamcation is over and you’re back on routine, empower your mind and attitude with Actually She Can, know your worth! And if you’re suffering from the pool and ocean swims, Cystex will get you back to feeling like yourself. 


Cover & Photos by: Joanna Barragan

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