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6 Timeless Transitional Pieces You Need In Your Closet

We all know that weird time of year when you can’t really wear shorts everyday, but you can’t wear a big comfy sweater either. In case you are unsure how to dress for the summer to fall time of year, here are some important pieces that will make your mornings a little easier.

1. Flats

Flats are good for transitional weather because they are closed-toe but not too clunky like winter shoes. 

2. Cardigans

Found in any thickness or length for whatever makes you comfortable, cardigans can easily be taken off, making them a must when the cold mornings turn into warm afternoons.

3. Long Sleeve Dress or Shirt

If you would rather not carry around a cardigan, you can always go with a long sleeve dress or shirt. That way, you will be warm in air conditioning, but you won’t be heavily layered walking between classes!

4. Cropped Pants

Pants are a classic, but they don’t have to be super warm; a pair that cuts off at your ankles would be cute and comfy in any weather.

5. Lightweight Jacket

As the weather gets, and stays, chillier, you will want to have a more heavy duty coat to put on over your clothes. While you won’t want a heavy winter jacket, a lightweight one should do just fine.

6. Boots

If you don’t own a pair of boots, you are seriously missing out. A pair of cute boots can really bring together your outfit and make you look like a Fall Queen!

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