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4 Ways to Spend Your Spring Break At Home

Not everyone packs a suitcase, plane tickets in hand, and jets off to spring break. For many reasons some people stay home, if you’re like me and you’ll be at home and going to work, here are some ways to spend your spring break without feeling left out of all the fun.

1. Advance your skill

If you have a free morning advance in your skill! Cook dinner for the day, bake a cake for dessert, write, paint, color, the possibilties are endless!

2. Exercise

If you’ve been a busy bee all semester and have not had a chance to do your exercise, take this oppurtunity to get your stretch and meditation on.

3. Have a friend night

If you have any other friends who stayed for spring break invite them over! Catch up on any shows you’ve missed (or start a new show), watch some movies, eat pizza and ice cream, discuss life, do whatever your hearts desire!

4. B&B

Yup, bed and breakfast. If you don’t have to go to school and work, take this week for 100% relaxation. Get up and be a normal human in society, but don’t be afraid to turn off that 7 a.m. alarm, the day is all yours.

Whether you’re having fun in the sun, or choreographing a dance from the comfort of your room, make spring break yours!

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