4 Easy and Cute Hairstyles for Fall

When we're rushing out the door the last thing we want to worry about it our hair. So depending on your experience, and level of difficulty, we've listed a few hairstyles that look like you put in hours of effort. 

French Braid starting at the base of your neck

Create a French braid at the base of your neck, and go up to about halfway then turn it into a normal braid. With the rest of your hair you can turn it into a ponytail, or a bun!

Half up twist

This look is super cute, and look even more intricate than it really is! Twist either side, and then pin it to the other piece of hair, at the back of your head.

Braided crown, hair down

You can create a French braid, or Dutch braid crown at you temples, taking them down to the back of your head until they meet, then pin. Or you can start the braid at only one end, bring it around, and create a crown at the back of you head.

3 ponytails equals cute messy bun

Create 3 messy ponytails, tying them at the base of your head. Then start tying pieces together with the hair elastics in your hair.



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