Your Gift-Giving Guide for the Holidays

As a college student, money is usually pretty tight. How are we supposed to buy our family members and friends the gifts they deserve if we can barely afford a pizza from Domino’s? Most of us are trying to figure out how much to spend on each person we care about like:

The holidays are an extremely stressful shopping time. However, if you look in the right places you can find great gifts that give you a bang for your buck. Here is a guide for gift-giving that you can use for your family and friends this holiday season!

For your mom:

1. A Personalized Photo Book

Starting at $15.99, you can add a personal touch to this amazing gift for Mom. Nothing says “I love you” like a book of your favorite family moments!

Get it here!

2. A Charming Agenda Book

Being a mom is one of the most stressful (and rewarding) jobs in the world. Raise your hand if you’ve ever seen your mom get a phone call and immediately jot down something on a post it note. With this simplistic Agenda book that comes in two colors, she can get all her things in order. Snag this adorable planner here!

3. Marble & Wood Cheese Board

If there is one thing I know, it’s that moms love Williams & Sonoma. This cheese board is super sleek and adds a nice touch to anyone’s kitchen. Plus, who doesn’t love cheese? Grab it here!

For your dad:

1. Established Wood Bottle Opener

2. A handy bottle opener that will remind your dad of the days that changed his life! You can get it here!

3. The British Belt Messenger Bag

This bag may look expensive, but it’s only $44.98! Get it at Target here!

4. Quarter-Zip Cashmere Sweater

Get your dad a comfy and classic quarter-zip from LL Bean! They offer a variety of colors and it’s a great layer for the winter season. Get it here!

For your sister:

1. Alex & Ani Sister Charm Bracelet

Alex and Ani bracelets are a perfect gift for any girl. Your sister will love this adorable bracelet which comes in Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver. Get it here!

2. World’s Okayest Sister Mug

This humorous mug is super pretty and a perfect gift for your sister, especially if she’s a coffee/tea fan. Grab it here!

3. Pointelle Cuff Boot Socks

“Socks are such a boring gift.” Wrong. What girl doesn’t love a pair of comfy, warm socks to go along with boots during the winter, or even to just lounge around the house in? Get them here!

For your brother:

1. A Mini Waffle Maker

Living with three brothers, I realized that boys are ALWAYS hungry. With this mini portable Waffle Maker he can make warm, fluffy waffles at any time of day. Breakfast for dinner! Get it here!


2. Cards Against Humanity

This is one of the most hilarious games I have ever played. Boys love potty humor and this is the perfect game to play with his friends. You can get it here! 

2. Monthly Bacon Box


One word: Bacon. Get it here!

For your friend:

1. Miniature Bonsai Kit

This adorable plant will add a nice touch to any dorm/apartment. Urban Outfitters offers so many cute gifts, it was hard to choose just one! Check out the rest of the site for amazing gifts and get the bonsai kit here!

2. Crystal Bar Soaps

First of all, how pretty are these? They come in a variety of colors and amazing scents. Grab one, or a few, here!

3. Red Bubble Stickers

These stickers make fantastic gifts for any friend! They have stickers that tailor to anyone’s interests and fav things. From beachy stickers to stickers about Gilmore girls and the Kardashians, you can snag them for 2-3 dollars each. Grab a bunch for your friend here!

I hope this gift guide was helpful to anyone looking for great gifts for a good price! Be sure to check out the other items these websites offer. Happy Holidays, now get out there and shop till you drop!