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You’re Almost Graduating, Now What?

It’s almost time for graduation and with that means finding a job (if you haven’t already) and potentially moving out. A lot of these big changes come with big price tags, so read on for some helpful tips on how to get the best “bang for your buck” as you transition into the real world!

Apartment Hunting


Zillow.com is a nice website to look for an apartment because when you enter your desired zip code, the map also shows you the surrounding area outside of the zip code so you can expand your search. They also allow you to check off the things you desire in an apartment, such as: on-site parking, in-unit laundry and if it’s pet friendly!



Apartments.com, just like Zillow.com is very user friendly when it comes to zeroing down on your search requirements! One feature of Apartments.com is that it allows you to put in your average commute to find rentals near your route!


This site is basically the same as Zillow.com feature-wise, but it has a slightly different opperation.


Furnishing Your New Home


I just stumbled upon this beauty, and I am in love with this site! Not only are the prices reasonable (for new items), their stuff is pretty decent too! You can shop by room or departments, and their sale section has a lot of items also! Some of their objects can run pricy, but you can find some sweet deals on this website!


This website, just like wayfair.com lets you shop by room or by department! Their prices are a little bit high, but if you look hard enough, you can find a lot of good deals!

Yard Sales!

When shopping for your first apartment/home, don’t forget about yard sales! I know the appeal of having brand new furniture can lead you to spending the extra money, but try to resist. There will be a time when you have the extra money set aside to purchase new furniture, but for now, keep your options open!


Finances are one of the hardest, but most important aspects of becoming an adult in the “real world.” Talk to your parents, your financial advisor at your bank and do your research about what you want to do with your money. Try to keep credit card debt low and invest if you can afford it! Figure out a budget that works best with your lifestyle, but do not be discouraged if it takes a couple months to get your budget officially settled.

So keep calm! Becoming a real adult may seem scary and hard, but it will all work out!

Straight from Central New Jersey, yes it does exist, Sarah is a senior biology major at the Univeristy of Scranton. When she's not studying, she enjoys rowing for the U, training for marathons that she forces herself to do, and having the college experience with her friends. Her favorite Starbucks drink is a venti iced coffee, black, because she likes to live dangerously. She's an owner of two goldfish whose names are Brandi and Bacardi, and she loves all things America. Xoxo
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