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You are the Universe

We sat on the roof

That warm summer night.

Space was above us

 But the cosmos were in your eyes.

Your eyes were like the universe,

Made of stardust,

That twinkled and gleamed whenever you smiled.

Your eyes held nebulas and galaxies

As you stared into the eternal infinity above us.

A vast abyss of overwhelming beauty

Was the purgatory

Between you and the heavens.

As you rubbed your sleepy eyes,

And the phosphenes enclosed your vision and reality,

The universe danced upon your eyelids.

Your pupils held the black matter,

And so I would be the scientist

That would try to figure out the sense in your eyes.

Comets soar through your retinas

As you stare into my troubling soul.

The whole universe was inside of you,

And I, a black hole, would suck you in.

You, with every interstellar cluster in your perception and being,

Would make me feel whole again.

Aspiring Physician. Class of 2021
Erica Berlot

Scranton '21

I am a sophomore, Class of 2021, majoring in Criminal Justice. I am an equestrian and love to ride my horse on weekends, whether it is on a trail ride or barrel racing. Besides riding, my hobbies include traveling, exploring new places, and spending time with my dog.
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