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This Year I Am Thankful For My Dog!

Right before the whole world shut down and we went into quarantine, my family got a puppy. This was a complete surprise to me because my parents were opposed to getting a dog for the longest time. My first childhood dog passed away almost four years ago, so I had been missing having a furry friend in my house. He had a lot of special needs and his death was hard on everyone, so my parents were not ready to take on having another dog yet. However, they began to feel the emptiness of our house too, and when they saw a picture of a little bichon puppy, they knew it was time for us to grow our family again.  

Her name is Lady and she has been the best thing to happen to me this year. I was thankful to have her during the stressful beginnings of Covid to keep me company and busy. I am also so thankful that I got to be with her 24/7 for the first few months of her life and was able to see her grow up. If it had not been for Covid, I would not have been home all that time, and I would have missed so many precious moments of her puppyhood. She brings me and everyone in my family so much joy and I could not imagine life without her.  

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