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Why Your Period is Terrible in More Ways than you Thought

When a woman gets her period, it is arguably the worst time of the month for her. Cramps, back pain, and (unfortunately) period poops can be no joke. Yet, all women continue on with their daily lives because they cannot just take a quarter of the month off every month. They push through and continue to be just as successful as they were the remainder of the month because although being on their period is horrible, it does not affect their ability to reason. Women are the same exact people as before, and do not “lose control” over ourselves during this time. 

However, just as anybody in pain would react, patience levels decrease during a woman’s cycle due to the constant period symptoms. Tolerance plummets, making the woman more likely to speak on issues that she had shoved down previously. 

Also interestingly enough, a woman’s testosterone levels are at their peak during their period. This makes them more similar to a man, hormone wise anyways, during their “crazy time of the month” than any other time. 

This is interesting on its own, I know, but there is a final takeaway I hope some of you will remember. If somebody tries to discredit a woman’s emotions or opinions due to her time of the month, or tries to say she’s crazy and can’t be reasoned with, just know that it isn’t accurate. That person is actually just finding a scapegoat for them not wanting to fully respect and value their female colleague. 

Maeve Kenny

Scranton '23

Hi my name is Maeve Kenny and I am a sophomore Advertising / Public Relations and Business Communications double major with a Social Media Strategies minor. I am on my university's field hockey team and am passionate about staying fit, self care, and staying motivated. I love to learn and try new things, and hope you enjoy some of my thoughts!
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