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Why Take Back the Night is So Important

Ah, April; the month of increasingly warm weather, an abundance of rain, and a very serious matter- Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men are sexually assaulted while in college. Process that for a minute. That’s a rate of possibly a few people in your biology lab, or a couple people in your yoga class. It’s. Alarming. 

Sadly, 90% of people affected by sexual violence do not report the assault. With that high of a rate aforementioned, it is painful to think of the men and women who are living in silence. Take Back the Night strives to break that silence.

On April 28th, Scranton will be holding its very own Take Back the Night! It is a truly empowering evening devoted to advocating for others to stand up to sexual violence and offer support to survivors. The event begins at 5:00pm with a pre-rally on the Dionne Green. Various clubs will be in attendance to show support and get information out. At 7:00pm, a march will leave from the Linden circle (by the library) and go through campus. During this march, participants will be encouraged to chant empowering words and statements aimed at ending sexual assault. The march will conclude at the Alumni Memorial Green around 7:30pm. There, the speak out will take place. Students can share feelings and/or experiences with sexual assault. Whether you have been/are personally affected by sexual violence, have a friend/family member who has been, or simply have passion for the matter, you are invited to speak openly and freely. All statements are confidential at this event- you can speak without having to report anything.

As a junior here at the U and an avid promoter of women’s’ rights, after years of hearing about this wonderful event, I have finally decided to become active in this program. Take Back the Night is a powerful, eye-opening, insightful experience that everyone should attend at least once during their time here. It will be amazing to see our student body come together to rally and spread knowledge about sexual violence. I will of course be present this Thursday, and I hope I will be seeing you as well! J

**If you are in need of information regarding sexual violence or resources, please visit the website: www.scranton.edu/CARE

Jenna is a senior occupational therapy student here at the U. She enjoys making people laugh, frolicking in warm weather, eating copious amounts of food, and dancing the night away. Follow her on insta @jennarizzy
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