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Why my Cat is my Spirit Animal… Literally

A few months ago, I ordered a new phone case on amazon. When the package finally arrived, I sprinted myself outside, acting way more hype for this little box than I should have been. But anyway, as I’m sprinting, I see this black thing out of the corner of my eye moving. At first I was like “WHOA what is that.” But then I realized it was a cat. Obviously, after seeing this scrawny cat, half dead, in the freezing cold, I did what any logical person would do: I scooped her up, brought her inside, and told my mama I was cat sitting for a friend. 11 months later and I am still cat sitting actually. That same day of deceiving my mother, I decided to name this cat Moscato, it really suits her. 

I am convinced that my cat is drunk 24/7, if I am being honest. She does not have a single care in the world and that is why she is my spirit animal. Every time I see her, she’s in the middle of eating. If I leave a bag of chips in my room, I come back to an empty bag and my cat is passed out next to it. She went from scrawny, scrawny, to 25 pounds overweight. 

And when she’s not eating, she’s jumping in the toilet or causing fights with my dog (who’s about 137 pounds bigger than her), thinking that she could take him on. She’s hopping in the shower with me or helping me finish my nachos while we binge watch “You” on Netflix. This cat does not act like a cat. Honestly there’s a possibility she might not be one. She was found on the streets after all. I’m pretty sure she’s on cat nip, but she’s a pretty good time and honestly that is why my cat is my spirit animal. 

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