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Anybody else have their Monday night reserved for watching the Bachelor? If you do, then of course you know that the finale is coming up soon. It is almost time to see who Colton picks to get engaged to or to see if he leaves alone. 


This week was week 8 in the Bachelor mansion, and it was time for the fantasy suite dates. Out of the three women left, who do you think will be this season’s lucky winner?


Hanna G.

She’s a little on the quieter side but Hannah G. seems like she would be a great partner for Colton to end up with in the finale. She’s a sweet southern girl from Alabama, is 23, and works as a Content Creator. She received the first impression rose when the first episode aired. She has always been one of the ladies that seems genuine as opposed to some of the fake girls. I think Hannah G. has a good shot at being the wife Colton has always wanted. 



Tayshia is 28, from California, and a Phlebotomist, someone who draws blood. She is definitely outgoing and pushes Colton to do things that he’s never experienced, like sky diving. Their relationship is based on trusting each other and pushing each other to be their best self. She had a failed previous marriage, but since she is a little older than the other girls, maybe she can be the best match for Colton. She knows what she wants, and she won’t stop until she ends up with Colton.



Cassie is 23, from California, and works as a Speech Pathologist. Cassie had everything going for her until this week when her Dad got involved with her and Colton’s relationship. Things got messy fast when she decided she didn’t know if she was the one for Colton and didn’t know if she was ready to be engaged. At the end of the most recent episode, episode 9, she decided that it was better for her to walk away and left Colton heartbroken. 


Who will come out on top and end up engaged to Colton? Watch the 2-day season finale starting Monday at 8pm on ABC. 


Emma Nemitz

Scranton '22

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