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Where Are Our Priorities?

As many of you know, February 11 was the day when Whitney Houston passed away of a prescription drug overdose.  The news caught on like rapid fire, and the amount of publicity Houston’s death attracted was unbelievable.  Everywhere I went on campus, there was constant talk of when and how Whitney Houston died.  Now don’t get me wrong; I’ve been listening to the great Whitney since the time fanny packs were in style.  However, the more publicity her death got, the easier it was for companies to stay out of the spotlight when a crisis hit.

How many of you knew about the Children’s Tylenol recall that occurred in the midst of the Whitney Houston craze?  I, for one, had no idea until my mom told me about it.  Not one person I know spoke a word about this current event, and who could blame them?  Whitney was on everyone’s mind.  Thankfully, the recall was based on a bad bottle design and no one was hurt.  However, the fact that Whitney Houston’s death can overpower almost any other headline is a little eerie, if you ask me. 

I am definitely one of those people who got wrapped up in Houston’s death, but it just made me think about where our priorities lie these days?  What other incidents have happened that have gone unnoticed?

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