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What The Solar Eclipse in Taurus Means for You Based on Your Rising Sign

Happy eclipse season. Today, April 30th, the Solar Eclipse will be at 22 degrees in Taurus at 4:28 pm. As my friends and HC Scranton’s go to on all things astrology I figured I’d make an article breaking down this potentially life-changing event. We are gonna cover eclipse season, this solar eclipse and what it means for your rising sign and personal placements.

 What is a solar eclipse and what does Eclipse season what does it mean astrologically?

Eclipses are basically new moons on steroids. New Moons signify new beginnings in specific areas of life based on your rising. It is usually a good time to re-evaluate and set intentions for that area of life For example if you have an Aries rising and there is a new moon in Capricorn it will likely be in your 10th house. The tenth house rules your career, reputation, and achievements; so you’d want to set intentions and plan in that area. Solar eclipses are that on steroids. It is not just a new beginning but a wipeout of that area of life. You then can start fresh. Especially with the north node which represents future orientating and ambition currently being in Taurus. 

Astrologically Eclipse season starts with a solar eclipse and ends with a lunar eclipse. Solar and lunar eclipses are life-changing events. They are setting up the next chapter, or the next couple of months in our lives. Eclipses are inherently destructive. Lunar eclipses are a breakdown of energy and solar eclipses are more of a build things up energy. They’ve historically coincided with many world events, including the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski scandal. We have two world prominent leaders with Scorpio stelliums – so this may actually affect world events. That’s a whole other article. 

What does a Solar Eclipse in Taurus mean?

So Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus rules romance, relationships, money, and partnerships. Taurus is fixed earth meaning it is stable and has to do with material things. Taurus energy (and people) are very unchanging and consistent. So this time is about material, grounded success. We are balancing work and achievements with having fun and living our best lives. Again, the north node is also in Taurus meaning we are taking practical steps to achieve our goals. This new beginning represents sustainable work and effort to get what we want. You are setting up for the next chapter in your life.

So what signs will be affected the most?

Since the solar and lunar eclipse is in Taurus and Scorpio, risings or placements in those signs will be the most affected. Leo and Aquarius, the other fixed signs, will be majorly impacted too. The closer your placements are two the degrees the eclipse is in 

Are there any other current transits that would change things? 

A transit is where a current placement is stationed. During Taurus season, the sun is in Taurus. So in case you haven’t realized, astrology is a little more complicated than just your sun sign. The degree that’s in and the aspects to other planets and to the solar eclipse can totally change the vibe. The solar eclipse is very close to Uranus which represents ingenious, innovative, and rebellious energy. So the initial idea or event that this eclipse brings is ripping us out of our comfort zone, but we are making a sustainable plan to keep that going. Saturn is squaring or in conflict with the eclipse. So just be mindful about how you handle and go about changes you are making. 

Venus and Neptune are basically on top of eachother in the dreamy sign of Pisces. Neptune represents dreams, delusions, glamour, spirituality and creativity. Venus and Jupiter are at home in Pisces, and Neptune is ruled by Pisces. There is a very dreamy and euphoric vibe. All of this is sextiling – which means positively aspecting – the new moon. That vibe is like the feeling of manifesting, which makes this such a good time to set new intentions.

To summarize: There’s a Uranian moment of inspiration where you have a goal. The pisces stellium gives you the feeling of knowing you have it with in you to make it a reality and the Saturnian influence is aligning your actions with what will help you accomplish the goal. 

So, here’s what the eclipse means for you based on your rising sign or personal placements: 

  • Aries Rising:If you’re a Aries rising, the eclipse is likely happening in your second house of possessions, values and finances. During this time you could be taking a slow and steady Taurus like approach to finances. If things are fluctuating, be patient. Take this time to build your finances and resources.
  • Taurus Rising : If you have a Taurus in your first and Scorpio in your seventh house, you are focusing on putting yourself first. Whether this is by starting a new work out regimen, setting boundaries, or any type of self improvement. This is a fundamental overhaul of your identity to build the person you want to become. You might end a relationship or have realizations about relationships towards the end of May. Take this time to find what makes you feel secure!
  • Gemini Rising:  If you are a Gemini rising you likely have Taurus in your twelfth house of the subconscious, and hidden things and reputation and Scorpio in your sixth house of health and routine. It’s an important time to just rest and take time to focus on your private world. 
  • Cancer Rising: If you are a Cancer rising you likely have Taurus in your eleventh house of dreams, friends and groups and reputation and Scorpio in your fifth house of short-term romance, kids and creativity. This is a great time to be around your friends who ground you and network. Focus on friends who ground you.
  • Leo Rising: If you are a Leo rising you likely have Taurus in your tenth house of career and reputation and Scorpio in your fourth house of privacy and home. This is a great time to be in the spotlight. You may get a sudden promotion or start a new career path.
  • Virgo Rising: If you are a Virgo rising you likely have Taurus in your ninth house of philosophy, higher education and travel and Scorpio in your third house of communication and immediate. You might be feeling more introverted during this time and be reflecting on your feelings of self worth. It’s a good time to reevaluate your priorities and give more time to the things you want to prioritize.
  • Libra Rising: If you are a Libra rising, you likely have Taurus in the eighth house of investments, shared property and transformation and Scorpio in the second house of finance, possessions and values. You may have new support financially from others. Other people are willing to help and support you. You
  • Scorpio Rising: If you are a Scorpio rising you likely you have Scorpio in the first house and Taurus in the seventh house. This is a major time of transformation. This is a time of karmic and fated relationships. You are embracing new relationships, and letting go of toxic ones. You may begin a new relationship towards the end of the month. You could also be letting go of an identity that is draining, toxic and no longer serves you.
  • Sagittarius Rising: If you are a Sagittarius rising you likely have Taurus in your sixth house and Scorpio in your twelfth house. You may have a health scare during this time that causes you to reevaluate your routine and immediate environment. Practice self care during this time!
  • Capricorn Rising: If you are a Capricorn rising you likely have Taurus in the fifth house of creativity, kids and short term romance. This eclipse is calling you to have fun and be creative. Maybe pick up a new hobby that inspires you. You also could start a new relationship during this period.
  • Aquarius Rising: As an Aquarius rising, you likely have Taurus in your fourth house of home and family and Scorpio in your tenth house of career and reputation. This eclipse may be more intense for you. There may be a new start of new beginning as it relates to home or family that will drive you to change your living space or family dynamics.
  • Pisces Rising: As a Pisces rising you likely have Taurus in your third house of communication and learning and Pisces in your ninth house of philosophy and travel. During this eclipse season you are seeking stability in your immediate surroundings. You might always have a grass is always greener approach and want to be on the go. Take this time to learn from people in your own backyard; it will inspire you to create something new.

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