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You wake up, it’s Monday morning. A fresh start to the week… then you remember you have to go to class.

You get to your first class and your professor assigns an extra homework that wasn’t on the syllabus. Plot twist: The assignment is due by next class.

Your last class is finally finished. Hip, hip, hooray! 

Then, you check your email and your RA says there is a floor program with free food!

Tuesday comes along, and your motivation for the week magically disappeared. Oh yeah, you still have 3 days left till the weekend.

The girl who sits next to you in class texts you at 11:00PM asking you if you have the answer to number 7 from the homework assignment. What? My professor assigned homework… it wasn’t on the syllabus! 

*You realize you forgot your professor assigned homework and didn’t even start it yet*

You then realize you also have a quiz tomorrow too… Yikes.

You finally wake up the next morning after your third snooze alarm admitting defeat and go to class.

You are going to your classes thinking, “Wow this week is actually going by so fast,” until you realize its only Wednesday. 

Homework time… Can’t wait!

Thursdays alarm comes around and you swear it really is impossible to get up this time… Snooze…. Snooze…. SNOOZE… you wish you could just yell at your alarm.

You decide to stay in bed anyways until your roommates finally make you go to class.

You finish your classes, and you realize you only have one day left! Happy dance!

It’s almost the weekend so you have a lot to do to prepare, go to the gym, self-tan, and facemask. 

You and your friends patiently wait for Friday to finally come.

12 hours later….

You look in the mirror and see your self-tan turned out like this.\



Hang in there, ladies! 




Alex Guse

Scranton '22

Biochemistry Major Psychology Minor
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