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UPDATES: Scranton’s Clowning Around

Amid the clown scare, (refer to http://www.hercampus.com/school/scranton/no-clowning-around-what-you-need-know-about-clowns for full details on nation-wide scandal) these hooligans have reportedly crossed Scranton’s territory October 3 around 8:30 p.m. Here’s what we know:

Clowns have been spotted on: Clay Ave, between the sophomore dorms, on the corner of Mahone and Vine, by Goodfellas, Turkey Hill and McGurrin Hall. The said clowns or clown wreaked havoc across the hills, cackling and screaming. OR HAVE THEY? Reports of window tapping on Marywood’s campus (about 5 minutes from our own) also raises questions. Both University and Scranton Police have been patrolling campus. SPD has recieved around 45 calls about the matter. A video from Fairfield University surfaced around campus, misleading students to believe the footage was captured outside of Reddington. Two similar photos have surfaced thus far, here is one:

Some students decided to participate in this show-down,  playing circus music in their cars and houses. One thing is for sure: we are ready to call Ghost Busters or Mystery Inc.

Julia Wardeh and I were sitting in Adezzo Cafe when we heard the news and called The Royal Ride to return us to campus. This was our reaction:

Her Campus spoke to some students about the night. Here’s how your fellow peers are coping:

Emily Wood and Emily Darcy snuggle for the occasion:

Jenna Bruchalski prepares for the worst:

Elizabeth Transue calls for back up:

“It’s the clown apocolypse,” says Jamie Kemp, who repeatedly called Scranton Police Department. “They love me. I’ve been on the phone with them all night,” she added. 

“The Purge: Circus,” Amanda Ragusa added, offering an excellent new movie pitch to director James DeMonaco.

“I’m moving,” said Michele Schulmeister. “To Alaska,” she added. 

“I’m so scared of this s*!$t, students [or clowns] or not, I don’t like this,” said Brittany Lemardy, who is not messing around. 

Latrice Smith is preparing to fight back:

Whether this is all real or happening inside our heads, it sure caused an eventful Monday night here in Scranton, Pennsylvania. More updates to follow.

If you have any information or comments about the clowns, comment below or email us at scranton@hercampus.com! Be sure to check our page and our social media for updates. @HCScranton.

As Professor Dumbledore once said, “Of course it’s happening inside your head, but why on Earth should that mean that it is not real?”


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