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The Unstoppable, Laura Manrique

You might know this week’s Campus Celebrity, from your Orientation or from one of her many roles on campus! This hardworking neuroscience major could brighten your day from the moment you meet her. Meet this week’s Campus Celebrity, Laura Manrique!

Name: Laura Manrique
Major: Neuroscience
Year: Sophomore (Class of 2018)
Hometown: Paterson, NJ

HC: You have an awful lot on your plate between being an Orientation Assistant, Student Government, The University Players, and your involvement with the Jane Kopas Women’s Center. How do you tackle it all so well?
LM: I’ve found that the more I’m involved with on campus, the more I’m forced to manage my time well. In addition to that, I’m only involved with things that I’m super passionate about which makes it easier to handle. The more I care about something, the more I’m willing to put in, so although I do a lot, nothing feels like an obligation. I genuinely enjoy being involved even though I sometimes have a lot on my plate.

HC: Do you have any advice for other underclassmen to become involved?
LM: I’d say the biggest thing is to try a lot of different things and then stick with what you love. There is a lot that you can get involved with on campus and you’ll never know what you’re gonna fall in love with until you try as much as you can. Once you have a feel for something you think you like, really dive in. If you’d told me my first week at Scranton that I’d be in so many organizations, I never would’ve believed you, but once I started with each of them, I discovered pieces of me I didn’t know existed. Involvement is a great way to meet new people too,  I’ve met most of my best friends at Scranton through getting really involved.

HC: What’s the most influential aspect you have learned from the JKWC?
LM: I think that the most influential aspect has been learning to discuss important issues and how to advocate and be an ally. The JKWC does an amazing job of talking about problems like inequality and sexual violence by not only promoting awareness, but also activism. I’ve been really affected by being involved there.

HC: Besides JKWC, how’s Student Government and being an OA?
LM: Student Gov and OA are probably my favorite parts of being involved at Scranton. They are super rewarding experiences. They’ve taught me a lot about myself, and of course about Scranton. Gov is going really well, and I’m in the process of reapplication for OA so I really hope that goes well.

HC: You are a neuroscience major on top of everything, so what’s your favorite part of the brain?
LM: My favorite part of the brain is the prefrontal cortex. It’s the place in your brain that focuses on making executive decisions and it has a pretty big role in our personalities. 

HC: Why did you choose Neuroscience?
LM: I actually came in as a bio major, but once I took my first psych class I fell in love with psych and with the brain. I also knew I wanted to apply to med school and PA school, so neuro was the perfect fit for me.

HC: What’s your favorite part about Scranton?
LM: I think it’s that Scranton feels like home. The people are incredible and I love how right it feels to be on campus. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.

HC: What is something many people don’t know about you?
LM: I guess something that a lot of people wouldn’t know is that I’m Colombian. I speak fluent spanish and a lot of my family lives there.

HC: If you could have any super power for one day what would it be?
LM: I think I’d want teleportation! There are a lot of places I could visit in one day.

HC: What do you do in your downtime?
LM: Downtime is hysterically non-existent right now, but when I’m home, I love hanging out at coffee shops with my friends, or even just reading at them by myself.  

Dominique is your everyday Northeastern Pennsylvanian, and will probably have a different hair style every time you see her. She loves being outdoors, and finding an adventure in everything. She currently studies as a Senior History, Political Science, and International Studies triple major with a concentration in Italian at the University of Scranton. Dominique also studied abroad in Rome, Italy, not only falling in love with everything Italian, all the pizza, but with travel itself. Weird facts: Her favorite word is melanzane (eggplant), she writes most of her notes backwards (right to left too) and has a 130lb white German Shepherd named Kitty (he’s a boy). Follow her on Twitter @domnommnomm!
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