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True Life: I’m Addicted to Pumpkin Spice

Hi, my name is Mackenzie and I am a pumpkin spice addict. I’m not your typical pumpkin spice latte guru. I am an addict of all things pumpkin spice. In fact, I’ve recently started a pumpkin spice product review on my Instagram. Yes, I’ll admit it’s slightly embarrassing to pretend to be a food blogger. However, my love for sharing food finds is far more powerful than my ego.  


Today, I want to share a few of my favorite pumpkin spice foods, and of course rate them. Most of the items can be found at Target and Wegmans. We’ll skip the whole coffee portion of the topic, but I’ll leave you on this note- my Starbucks fall order is a cold brew with almond milk, two pumps of pumpkin and light ice.  


1. Think Pumpkin Spice Protein Bar  

I always have an extra protein bar in my purse or bookbags for long days at the library or work. They’re handy, healthy and filling. The Think pumpkin spice protein bar was an overpowering sensation of nutmeg with a hint of chai tea. Though I did not completely hate the bar, it did not taste like pumpkin. I have heard great reviews of other protein brands pumpkin products and hope to report back reviews soon!  


2. Wegmans Pumpkin Spice Almonds  

These festive almonds were a fan favorite amongst my roommates. The candied almonds are sweet, yet the pumpkin taste is not dramatically overwhelming. They remind me of pecans or cashews from baseball games or the boardwalk. Head over to Wegmans and pick up a bag before they’re gone.  


3. Super Coffee Maple Pumpkin  

I am a lover of all things Super Coffee. If you have never tried any of their products, they are light, super-filling, equivalent to two cups of coffee and packed with protein! I use the brand’s coffee creamer in the morning and occasionally purchase pre-made Super Coffee shakes for long days. Specifically, the maple pumpkin drink was very good. It perfectly blended two powerful flavors: maple and pumpkin. These are available at Target, Wegmans and Amazon.  


4. YASSO Pumpkin Cheesecake Greek Yogurt Bar  

YASSO is one of my favorite Greek yogurt brands. Their products are fun, filling and a quick nightly snack. I’m not the biggest fan of cheesecake. However, this Greek yogurt bar is amazing. I found the pumpkin cheesecake flavor buried in the back of the Wegmans freezer and I am glad I did! The texture and strong scent of cheesecake really made me feel like I was snacking on a slice of pumpkin cheesecake.  



5. Special K Pumpkin Cereal  

I found the Special K specialty fall cereal hidden in a back shelf at Target. I always eat Special K cereal, sometimes as a nightly snack, while others for breakfast. The pumpkin cereal tastes more like vanilla almond Special K products. Though there is a hint of pumpkin and various spices, it is overpowered by a vanilla taste. I still recommend this product! It is delicious, just not a 10/10 on the PSL meter.