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This week my article is taking a step back from the romantics of life. I’m taking a step back from my typical, pessimistic tone- today we will not be discussing heartbreak or the ponderings of love. Today my topic is a tad more upbeat, quirky, corny and fun. Brace yourself for a few wild Seaside tales. Buckle up, because it’s about to get crazy and get loud. As a recent Jersey Shore addict, I have devised a list of my top five favorite Jersey Shore moments from season one through six (currently streaming on Hulu). 

“The Situation” vs. The Wall 

So, the cast of Jersey Shore travels to Italy. And let me tell you- they are totally out of their element. Sure, there’s clubs and there’s places to quickly grab a drink, whether this be at 7 A.M. or 12 P.M., but culture-wise the crew really has no idea what they’re getting themselves into. Alright so fast forward, a few weeks into the trip, Ronnie and Mike aka “The Situation” release some well, built-up anger. Ronnie starts screaming. Mikes starts yelling. And the whole house sits back and watches the chaos spiral. As always, Ronnie’s girlfriend, and I use that term loosely, tries to break it up- which makes things even worse. End of the story: Mike smashes his head against the wall in fury. No one really knows why. But hey, that’s Mike for you. BTW- Mike also has to wear a neck brace for a week following this small incident. 

Let’s Write an Anonymous Note 

This is exactly what it sounds like. JWoww (my spirit animal) and Snooki brainstorm the brilliant idea to type an anonymous note to tell Sammi Sweetheart that her lover Ronnie has been cheating on her. The girls employ studious language such as “breasts” to diverge Sammi’s attention to others in the house such as Vinny and Pauly D. After a few episodes, JWoww and Snooki are eventually discovered as the authors of this letter… which leads to even more Jersey Shore drama. 

Where’s My Boyfriend? 

And this brings us back to Italy. Snooki is finally going steady with a sweet, yet conservative Guido named Jionni.  Jionni visits Snooki in Italy and gets a glimpse of the Snooki lifestyle. Shocked and in rage over Snooki shaking what her mama gave her in the club, Jionni runs away and catches the first flight back to the Jersey Shore. Poor Snooki drunkenly roams the screams of Italy, falling over cobblestone roads yelling no other phrase than, “Where’s my boyfriend?”


The JWoww Situation 

Though this may not be one of the most iconic scenes of the Jersey Shore, it is one of my favorites- and I should probably add that it is hilarious. The crew hits the club (no surprise here), and Jenni (JWoww) is feeling a bit under the weather. Because she doesn’t want to walk home alone, she kindly approaches Mike (The Situation) and asks if he would come with her. Mike employs his typical, cocky attitude and totally ignores Jenni because he’s with a girl. Jenni continues to try to get Mike’s attention, but still nothing. Furious, Jenni walks home alone and anxiously waits for Mike to walk in the door. Then, BAM. Jenni punches him in the face. I think Mike even cried a little bit. Moral of the story: Do not ever piss JWoww off. 


Meatball Mania 

Name a more iconic duo than Deena and Snooki. I dare you. No one beats the meatballs. Their relationship is how do I put this… unique? The girls dance all day and all day. They drink from sunset to sunrise. My by far favorite meatball moment is when the two girls are dancing so hard that Deena’s underwear falls off. Oh, and how can I possibly forget when the two girls crash into a cop car in Italy. Because they did not have their licenses or citizenship papers, the girls were hauled away to Italian custody. That is until Mike, Vinny and Pauly saved the day. A friendship like no other. Hey, I guess what happens in Italy…. stays in Italy. #Team Meatballs 



Mackenzie Mickavicz is a sophomore at the University of Scranton studying strategic communications and women and gender studies. This is her first year as editor of Her Campus Scranton. Mackenzie is a college student by day, and aspiring author by night.
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