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Top 3 Broadway Shows You Need to See in NYC


This relatively new show, based on the popular 1988 film, is fantastically spooky performed by an extremely talented cast.It lightens the dark topic of death with hilarious commentary and eye-catching imagery. Harmonized voices. Detailed costumes. And constant action. This Broadway show will entertain and amaze you the entire night. The vocal performance of Sophia Anne Caruso, who plays Lydia, and the acting performance of Alex Brightman, who plays Betelgeuse, will blow you away. The intense makeup and spooky atmosphere make for a great experience leaving you feeling “strange and unusual!”


This show follows a waitress in small town diner as she navigates through an unexpected pregnancy. It will make you laugh, cry, and have all the feels.Something special is that you are met will a sweet aroma as you enter the theatre. This is because they serve pie in a dessert jar to fit the theme of the show. The cast is always changing and often includes a celebrity, such as Jordan Sparks, who will play the lead, Jenna, through November 24th. Waitress closes on January 5th- so make sure you get down to the theatre before it’s gone!

Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen won the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2017, along with five other wins. It deals with the heavy topic of mental health, emphasizing the effects of anxiety and depression on a person. The vocal talent and display of emotions of this cast is incredible. It is sure to make you sob in your seat, so make sure you pack plenty of tissues. This show is truly an amazing experience that you cannot replicate anywhere else. Tickets for Dear Evan Hansen are harder to come by, so I definitely recommend trying your luck by entering the Broadway lottery for discounted tickets. 

Caitlin O'Dowd

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