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Top 10 BEST Study Spots On and Off Campus!

Everyone is excited to be back at The U – myself included – but no one is excited to get back into the swing of things. Here are some of the best study spots in the city, on and off campus. Hopefully, this will help you find a place to sit down and call your own!


1. The Rose GardenLocated on The Commons, past LSC, the Rose Garden is a popular spot for students to study for exams or read for classes. It is absolutely beautiful in the fall and spring when all the flowers are bloomed. Beware, it can get buggy so apply a little bug spray before heading down there!

2. Loyola Science CenterThis one is a given for returning students, but new freshmen may not know of the wonders of an LSC study room. They are absolutely perfect when trying to study with a group or alone. If you can land one – which is nearly impossible on some days – you’re in luck. These study rooms are not only big, but you can write all over the walls. Just do not be that jerk that leaves their crap in there for hours during finals week!  

3. Reilly Learning Commons in the Weinberg Memorial LibraryThis one is another obvious one, but I’ll name it anyway. The Reilly Learning Commons was brand new last year and boy is it beautiful! Located on the first floor of the library, its usually crowded with group projects or students using the computers. There are study rooms, small circles of couches, and dual and single monitor computers to fit any study need you may have. Again, these do get crowded, but you can reserve the study rooms for up to two hours at a time through your my.scranton account.

4. The AmphitheaterThe Amphitheater is located on the Dionne Green, closer to LSC than DeNaples. On any nice day you are bound to see someone you know reading or studying there. This is a personal favorite spot for me, especially during spring, where you can find me working. There isn’t a whole lot of shade though, so you may want to slap on a little sunscreen before heading out there. Also, a few professors may hold classes out there on nice days so if you need absolute silence to work, this may not be the place for you!

5. Second floor DeNaplesSecond floor DeNaples is such an underrated place to study! Returning students know that it is full of cushy armchairs and couches, as well as lots of tables so you should never have a problem finding a seat. This is a meeting place for lots of students though so, again, if you are distracted easily, you may want to avoid this spot.

6. Dorm common roomsEvery dorm on campus has at least one common room to do homework in if it is late at night or you just aren’t really feeling like putting on shoes and leaving the dorm. The freshman dorms really only have one common room, but the sophomore dorms have quite a few and if you can claim one, they’re pretty nice! Once again, it can be hard to land one of these for just you, but I’ve shared with people quite a few times and never had a problem.

7. Outside of first floor DeNaplesWhen the purple umbrellas are out, so are tons of students outside of first floor DeNaples studying, sunbathing, or playing Frisbee on the Green. This is especially nice because you can get first floor food and eat out there on nice days. On the first warm day of spring semester, every student who goes to the U can be found here soaking up the sun they so desperately missed during the winter. Sometimes, students play music for everyone, so it’s a pretty happening spot on the warm days and a really nice place to work outside!


8. Nay AugI think every student has been to Nay Aug National Park at least one time during his or her life at The U, but if you haven’t, you are totally missing out. Although it is a bit of a hike, the view completely makes up for it. There is a waterfall where students will cliff dive in the summer months and tons of trails for experienced and novice hikers alike. Beware though, there is no Wi-Fi so this is for textbooks only!

9. Northern LightsLocated on Spruce Street, just a short walk down the hill off campus, Northern Lights is just what you would expect from a little coffee shop right near a college campus. It is absolutely adorable; with bookshelves and tables spread out everywhere, it is nearly impossible not to feel at home. I 100% recommend the chocolate chai tea and their wraps and pastries are to-die-for! You can catch me in a big comfy armchair listening to music and writing papers on any given Saturday afternoon!!

10. The CourthouseI don’t really know many people who are willing to take a walk down to the courthouse on a nice day to read a book and I don’t know why. During the day it is a great place to get away from all the distractions for an hour or two and really try to get some work done. I am fascinated by architecture, and I find the courthouse to be absolutely gorgeous with its ivy overhangs and statues.

I hope one of these places will become your own study spot as they all touch near and dear to my heart! I am the queen of procrastination so it’s good to have a few quiet places where I can sit down and do some school work. Good luck returning Royals and incoming freshmen on a great year 

Mel is a sophomore health administration major at the University of Scranton. She's from Central Jersey and has two younger sisters, a brother and a dog named Lucky. In her free time she binge watches sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother and The Office, while making Kit Kats disappear faster than the speed of light.
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