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I love reading books because I get to live thousands of new and exciting lives. It lets me escape the chains that bound me to this world and lets me breathe in fresh air. Life gets so exhausting and tiring to the point I want to give up.

The stories I read give me motivation to get up when I have fallen down and to continue to walk even when the roads are broken, and I hit many potholes. There is a magical feeling when getting a book and reading the words.

I do not just read the words, but I also let my mind run wild. My whole life is transformed as millions of words pass through my gaze. In reality I may have one life but yet I have lived millions.

From being a cool spy to a royal princess I have lived through so many amazing experiences.

Neha Patel

Scranton '26

Hi! My name is Neha and I am a occupational therapy major! I am so excited to share my stories with you :)