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I love writing. I always have and probably always will. For me, writing is a way to get my feeling out that I cannot say out loud. It has always been an outlet for me. The only thing I don’t like writing essays because I cannot be creative. But with book writing, I can be as creative as a want and add whatever I want to the book. 

I am lucky, that in my life I have had supportive people around me who encouraged me to keep writing and who liked my writing. My English teacher in high school absolutely loved my writing. I showed him the short stories I wrote, and he would encourage me to write more. And of course, my best friend always loved anything I wrote. 

I would always stick to writing short stories because I never thought that I could actually write a whole book. For one, it takes so much time. But I did it. I wrote my very first book and I am in the process of editing it now. I am super proud of this book and when I finish editing this book, I have an idea for the next book I want to write, and I am very excited. Check out my book on Wattpad. My username is Sunflower0727. 


Moving on, here are a few tips for getting started on a book or short story?


1.Don’t stress about the ending

It is okay to take a few days to come up with a good ending. There is no rush. A good exercise is setting realistic goals for yourself. 

2.Don’t give yourself a deadline

Your first attempt at creating your own book shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Take your time and set goals. Create something you are proud of no matter how long it takes. 

3.Don’t freak out about making it perfect

Don’t worry about everything being perfect write now. Just write! When the rough draft is finished, go back and revise it. You can take this part slowly by doing a page a day or a chapter a day. 

4.Just have fun

Writing should not be so do not make this process anymore stressful that it has to be

I hope everyone can take a change and write something. It might not be a book or a short story. It can just be a journal entry. Writing is a wonderful outlet for anyone to take advantage of. 

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