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  1. Red 

The color psychology of red is thought to be aggressive and associated with danger and fire.  

2.     Orange 

The color psychology of orange is thought to be uplifting and associated with enthusiasm and excitement.  

3.     Yellow 

The color psychology of yellow is thought to be cheerful and associated with warmth and energy.  

4.     Green 

The color psychology of green is thought to be energizing and associated with optimism and growth. 

5.     Blue 

The color psychology of blue is thought to be traditional and associated with sadness and reliability.  

6.     Purple 

The color psychology of purple is thought to be regal and associated with wealth and royalty.  

7.     Pink 

The color psychology of pink is thought to be calming and associated with kindness and love.  

Kelly Goria

Scranton '22

Kelly is a junior Counseling and Human Services major at the University of Scranton. You can expect to find her listening to country music or writing if she isn't on a run or spending time with her friends. She loves to explore and take on new experiences as well as volunteer.