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The 10 Reasons You Should Be Excited for Spring

Springtime is a happy time for 90% of the population for so many different reasons. Flowers bloom, the summer season is creeping upon us, the sun is out, it’s warm; that is the picture to paint yourself when you think of springtime. It is important to know why you enjoy seasons because you can appreciate them more. That is why I am going to tell you why spring is such an exciting season. 

  1. The transition from winter to spring. Starting out your year in the cold, chilly, wintery weather may not be everyone’s favorite thing to do and that’s why looking forward to spring gets you through the rest of winter. Being able to see the end of the tunnel and know that in so many days it will be warmer and sunnier outside can make you smile on a cold winter day. 
  2. That first day of spring weather. That feeling you get inside when your warm inside and out because the sun is shining and there isn’t a cloud in the sky: picture it. And then open your eyes and realize it is real and you are living the dream of the first spring day of the year. You get to pull out your new t-shirt you bought specifically for spring, and you get to wear sunglasses walking to class. You and your friends walk back to your house or dorm, slowly in a causal, “I can actually enjoy the walk today” attitude. That is the most exciting day of spring.  
  3. Realizing that spring goes into summer. After the first couple days of spring past by you fall into a feeling of enjoyment and bliss consistently. So consistently that you don’t realize your time flying by, until it is suddenly June 1st and you realize in about twenty days or so that it will be summer. That feeling is the second best feeling of spring. 
  4. Buying spring and summer clothes. Picture it: its freezing inside your dorm room, your curled up under three blankets, it’s snowing outside so you of course got a snow day, and you have nothing due this week for school, what are you going to do? SHOPPING! It honestly isn’t even a question because you know that spring is coming soon, and you just need those new tank tops and shorts. So, you spend all day online going through a picking everything out and leaving it in your cart so when you go home for spring break you can convince your parents you need it. And once those new clothes come in on a nice spring day it lights up your whole week, because there is nothing like getting new clothes and wearing them the next day because it’s sixty degrees out. 
  5. Being able to spend time outside. Once spring has past it’s beginning phase of warmth where it only reaches sixty, and it finally makes it to seventy degrees you smile a devilish smile because you have made it to the time where you can sit outside and just be outside. You can study on the grass for that test you have tomorrow with a much happier attitude than you would if you were studying inside. And you can grab ice cream with your friends by walking them instead of driving. Taking your dog outside for a walk and not having to freeze the entire time and enjoy hanging out outside with them. It is just so much better to be enjoying something nobody, but nature gave you. 
  6. Celebrating Earth Day. Earth Day is an exciting time because not only are you appreciating the Earth but the nature that comes with it. The sun on your face everywhere you go, the grass in between your toes after a pool party, the clouds in the sky that give you a small chill or break from the sun every once in a while. Earth Day lets you appreciate and acknowledge all the nature around you and how much you need it in your life. 
  7. Feeling the sun on your face. Okay go with me on this one. Just wait until its sixty degrees out and then go find somewhere outside that has full sun access for a while. Bring a book or some music, but if you really want to appreciate the sun don’t bring either. Sit down on a blanket or in a chair but something that is comfortable for you to be on for a while. Just look around you for a while, see the birds in the air the squirrels in the trees. Listen to all the sounds that nature provides and enjoy it. Before you realize, time will fly by and you will have been just sitting there for over an hour or so. You will feel refreshed, calm, and at peace. You can also feel motivated to do so many different things you didn’t know you wanted to do. 
  8. The school year/semester coming to an end. While you are enjoying all that spring has to offer time will fly by. And you will come to realize that summer is around the corner. You will think about what you and your friends plan to do all summer, the places you will travel with family members, and the things you want to accomplish. And before you take time to stop a realize that time is flying by it’s the end of June and summer is days away from you. Whether you’re in high school and you have finals or in college and end in May, spring makes your time fly by in such an enjoyable manner. You will be having such a good time in spring that you will not realize school is ending at the same time. Spring is a helpful bonus we all get to motivate us to get to summer. 
  9. Driving your car with your windows down for the first time in months. My all-time favorite spring and summer activity: screaming at the top of our lungs on random back roads to Taylor Swift, Post Malone, One Direction, or any new or old hit we love just enjoying out time together. Being able to get lost in the song is something only certain weather can bring about and springtime is my favorite time to do this activity. Especially with that brand new pair of sunglasses you just bought from target, while you and all your friends picked out road snacks and random crap you didn’t need until you saw it. That is my favorite feeling of spring. 
  10. Being able to smile from the weather. From everything I have mentioned about spring, how could you not smile while doing any of those activities? You either are driving around with your friends, sitting outside, and enjoying a nice day, appreciating the Earth we live on, or shopping (one of my favorite activities). Springtime brings joy and bliss to people in so many different forms. Being able to be happy from a season can set you up for such a positive outlook on so many different things. All happiness can sometimes take is a change in perspective, the sun, and some spring love. 
Hi I am a sophomore at the University of Scranton.
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