Tell Her You Love Her, Trust Me

I’m proud to be who I am. I love the person I have become. Just a year ago, I never would have been able to say that confidently, but now that I can, well, that’s exactly why I am proud. 


But, no matter how confident I may become, that doesn’t mean, at times, that insecure little girl, who once consumed me, doesn’t creep her head around the corner, every now and then, to taunt me 


You’re failing 

He doesn’t care about you 

You’re a disappointment 

Your friends feel bad for you 


I’m happy to say that I am at the point in life that I can push that voice to the side, but sometimes it’s a bit more difficult than you would think. 


I know I can be annoying at times with the constant 


Do you still want to hang out with me? 

I’m at least doing better than I was right? 

Are you sure you care about me, or are you just saying that? 


But that insecure little girl, she can be powerful. Sometimes, I just need reassurance that what she says is not true. It’s the little things 


This reminded me of you 

I noticed you looked upset today, are you okay? 

Do you want to get dinner with me later? 


That make a world of a difference. I think we all need reassurance that we are loved, because those little comments, they remind us that we matter when we have gray days. They remind us we are making a difference in the life’s of those around us in the moments that we forget. 


Tell your friends and family that you love them. Tell that stranger at the grocery store you love her hairstyle. Tell your Uber driver you appreciate the ride. And step by step, piece by piece, our world we begin to fill with more love than we ever thought possible. 


One little comment can make a difference. We are all just living, breathing creatures who, no matter how much we might deny it, need reassurance, from time to time, that we are cared for.