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Tech Week. Nine to ten days of long hours, rehearsal after rehearsal, and some sleepless nights. But it is also a week full of memories, bonding opportunities and most importantly, fun. It can always be difficult juggling tech week, however, and seeing the week come closer and closer on your calendar can be stressful! If you are part of a university cast or crew putting on a play or musical, this is the tech week survival guide for you.

To prepare ahead of time, look at your upcoming assignments and tests. Ask yourself if there is anything you can get done before tech week to relieve some stress. If you have tests coming up, start studying earlier than normal to ensure you are well prepared by the time you sit down and take the exam. Your future self will thank you for this!

Do not be afraid to approach your professors and tell them tech week is coming up! Be transparent about the hours and your assignments. If you know you will require an extension, request one politely. For the most part, professors will be understanding!

Make sure your schedule is clear! Do not make yourself hectic by attending every club meeting that week. Allow yourself to take the time to fully focus on rehearsals, especially so you feel fully prepared for the show. If there is something mandatory you must attend, let those in charge of the show know as soon as possible. Keeping open and honest communication throughout the week will help the show run smoothly!

Take good care of your physical health. Choose foods that will make you feel good and energized. Take care of your voice if you are part of the cast. Tea and honey do wonders!

Although you may be rehearsing late in the night, try to prioritize good sleep. One way you can ensure you do this is by trying to get most of your work done during the day, or when you have a break, to decrease your need to stay up late working. Sleep is important for recovery, and tech week can sometimes take a toll on physical health.

Try to incorporate light exercise into your routine. Take a nice walk before rehearsal or go to the gym a few days a week. Exercise will help you feel better physically and mentally, and feeling good overall will help you get through the week!

The biggest, and perhaps the simplest tip of all: stay hydrated! Water is one of your closest friends during tech week, and staying hydrated throughout the week will make all the difference.

Lastly, have fun! Let yourself be fully immersed during rehearsals. Get to know new people. Work closely with peers and lend a helping hand when needed. Being in the moment will make the week so much more fun, enjoyable, and memorable. Break a leg!

Cecilia Russell

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