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Stages of Changing Your Major Told by Friends


Changing your major is a huge decision in college. As many times as people might say how common it is and how it’s impossible to know what you want to do for the rest of your life at 17, it still feels like the end of the world. But don’t worry, some of your most beloved “friends” can help you through it!

1. Realizing your major isn’t for you and completely giving up hope. Doing the work feels nearly impossible and you keep hoping professors will forget to even assign work.
2. You start to look at other majors and careers.“If I watch enough Food Network do you think I can become a chef?”

The answer to that is usually no…

3. Cue the tears, there are so many choices and possibilities!

4. Picking your new major isn’t easy, but you finally figure it out…

5. Aaaaaaaand you realize that only half of your credits transfer. So you freak out…

6. You try to organize a four year plan, which is pretty close to impossible
7. You’re sick of listening to your friends and family asking, “Are you SURE?”
No I haven’t thought about this at all…

8. Taking your first class after switching… and LOVING IT

9. Suddenly you’re completely happy and wonder why you never thought about this before.

Changing your major isn’t an easy decision but sometimes it’s the right one. Go with your gut and rock it, whatever you choose!

Mel is a sophomore health administration major at the University of Scranton. She's from Central Jersey and has two younger sisters, a brother and a dog named Lucky. In her free time she binge watches sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother and The Office, while making Kit Kats disappear faster than the speed of light.
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