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Spring Break Ideas if You’re Spring Broke $$$

1. Netflix & Chillll

You have plenty of time to binge watch all those new shows that you’ve already been watching, but without all the guilt!!! Try to make your Netflix experience a little more fun and less of a binge-fest with movie theater snacks like popcorn and classic candy choices such as Cookie Dough pieces, Raisinets, RedVines, M&M’s, Reese’s pieces, etc. You can find these at any local retailer for $1 or less!


2. GNI (Girls’ Night In)

Stock up on face masks, supplies for mani-pedis, hair masks, teeth whitening kits, bath bombs and anything else that makes you and your BFFs feel pampered. Light some candles and put on your favorite playlist to help you and your friends relax. You and your besties can choose what to begin with and participate in as many pampering activities as you’d like throughout the day, you ladies deserve it for making it halfway through the semester!


3. Groupon, Groupon, Groupon

If you would like to plan a weekend getaway or attend dinner at a fancy restaurant for a fraction of the price, check Groupon first! You can often find gift cards for half-price or less and hotel stays for less than $100 a night. If you have a little money to spend this is a great way to make spring break truly feel like a vacation. Research inexpensive events near the hotel that you’re staying at to make the most of your mini vacation.


4. Catch up with friends and family

Make time for catching up with friends who go to different schools or family you haven’t seen in months. When making time for friends, invite your forever besties over to your place for a GNI. When making time for family, attend a family gathering or dinner to make sure you see everyone. Prepare yourself for questions about grades, relationships, etc., but spending time with the ones you love is so worth it.



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