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It’s that time of year again when you need Halloween costume ideas that are unique and fun. I have always been the type of person who searched for Halloween costumes all throughout September to find great ideas for myself and my friends.

Not only is it hard enough to choose a costume, but once you have decided, you have to put your costume together. To help you out, this is my list of unique, fun Halloween costume ideas for you, with some fun ideas of how to put them together.

1. Fantastic Four

There are a few movies to base this costume idea from which gives it different opportunities to stand out. Since the fantastic four movies are a bit older than the newer superhero movies it will be a costume not a lot of people would expect to see. It can be bought on Amazon as a full bodysuit or also put together by dark blue leggings, blue top, and a printed-out logo for the four parts.

2. Star Wars

This costume idea is very unpopular and would be a great way to stand out! Not only can this costume be made super sexy, if wanted, but it can also be very covered if you prefer more of that style. Dark clothes and a big robe would work as the costume and an inexpensive lightsaber on Amazon or from a store would be great. On the sexier side, you can get a black corset and a lightsaber with shorts to match.

3. Disney Princesses (Arrested)

Both regular and arrested princesses are a fun group costume idea to do. It is a great idea because there are so many princesses that a group of 10 or more can do this costume together. For a fun twist, you can be the princesses if they got arrested, for things they did in their movies! The arrested sign can be printed or made from a chalk board. Most of the ideas for this costume are made from either dresses or corsets with shorts or skirts to follow. A majority of the accessories can be bought at Five Below or Party City.

4. Wizard of OZ

Now this is an unpopular opinion, but I do not like this movie. I think I was kind of scared as a kid and then I just never liked it afterwards, but it does have a great costume vibe. It is best done with a group of 4 so that each person can be a main character and show off their version of the movie character.

5. The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who

I am the first person to sing Christmas songs when its midnight on Halloween, so I love this idea. The Christmas season starts on November 1st and even though that may be controversial, it’s totally true. This would be such a fun costume to wear on October 31st just to start out the holiday season!

6. Phineas and Ferb

Yes, I know that some may say this idea is out of date or maybe for a younger generation, but it can be put together in a sexy or cute vibe. Since their clothes are very basic it can also be easy to maybe put together last minute; Phineas wears an orange stripped shirt and blue shorts while Ferb wears a white t-shirt and purple overalls. These items can easily be replicated and personalized to your own style.

7. Clueless

This is a great duo costume to do with a friend. Not only is the costume super cute but it’s easy to find since the print is plaid. Any yellow top goes with the plaid skirt and same goes for the red plaid skirt to wear. It is also so much fun to be Cher and Dionne.

8. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley

I love this idea. I think that these movies aren’t show-cased enough during this time of year, and what a better time to incorporate them than with Halloween. The movies fit the fall theme so well and make a great costume idea. These are my three ideas for a trio costume but within the movies there are so many more trios to do.

9. Three Blind Mice

This may be a semi-common costume idea, but it’s such a cute idea for a trio. The props are simple enough, mouse ears, a can, and black sunglasses. With the black attire, you can either dress it up or dress it down. Some people wear bodysuits and stockings while others wear dresses. Both ideas pull of the costume wonderfully.

10. Great Gatsby/The 20s

These is such a fun costume to wear. I wore the flapper dress once in 7th grade for a school history event and I loved walking around in it all day. I added in the Great Gatsby because I know some people prefer to have characters to follow or dress like, so any of the main characters would do.

11. Genie

This idea is so much fun! Genies can be literally any blue clothing that you can find some gold inspired jewelry based on the movie Aladdin. Amazon for sure has a cute blue skirt and shirt that is totally on your budget.

12. Medusa

My friend recommended this idea to me and the ideas I found from it were so cool. People go really in depth either with the outfit, the headpiece and makeup, or both. However, you choose to create this costume the details are endless and that makes it fun.

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