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Scranton, Pennsylvania has a few things that will never get old: The Office, pizza, and of course… the St. Patty’s Day Parade. There’s nothing better than seeing the street of Clay flooded with green shirts, piling up as many beads as you can snag, and watching policemen riding horseback as you question what the hell is going on. After the shenanigans have come to an end, here’s some relatable post-parade day feels we have all experienced once or twice.


1. Regretting the excessive bills dropped on pizza and garlic knots at Ck’s or Fella’s

2. Major FOMO of what you missed during your mid-parade day power nap

3. Realizing Scranton Blackfoot is not just a myth

4. Remembering how you met more people from other schools than from your own University

5. Wishing everyone a good morning except your neighbors who thought 5 a.m. was a reasonable time to begin their parade day

6. Waking up feeling like death is looming over your body, but appreciating the week of spring break you now have to recuperate

Hi, I'm Julia Khalil, I'm a Biology major at the University of Scranton. I was born and raised in the Electric City. Some of my likes include yoga, green tea, and anything related to the beach. I am excited to continue my stay at the University surrounded by the lovely ladies of HC Scranton.?
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