Short & Sweet, Meet Nicole Goglia!

I present to you my next door Condron Hall neighbor and my RA, Nicole Goglia! You’ve probably seen her around campus, but there’s more to our tiny sweetheart than what meets the eye. Read more to learn more about this week’s featured collegiate!

Name: Nicole Goglia

Major: Human Resources

Year: Junior, class of 2018!

Hometown: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

HC: Hi Nicole, let’s start off with what you’re involved in on campus?

NG: Well, obviously residence life! I’m also secretary of “Wish-makers on Campus”, which is like make-a-wish on campus. I do tele-counseling, so I get to call all the prospective students and tell them about all the good things here at the University of Scranton. Also, I am heavily involved in ISP; I deferred my trip due to violence in El Salvador last year which sucked, but this year I’m going to the Dominican Republic for the Ball Roll event, which is going to be really fun. I’m a Disney Retreat leader as well!

HC: How has being an RA impacted your life here at the University of Scranton?

NG: Instantly, I felt like I made a lot more friends. It has enabled me to have more friendly faces on campus, and I gained a lot of leadership skills. I already loved to stay organized, but I feel like my organization only got better. It’s been cool to see the people around me develop, not only the residents but also the resident assistants like myself. Overall, I love to watch everyone improve, while also improving myself.

HC: You seem like a very busy young woman; what’s your favorite thing to do to unwind after a long day?

NG: I love to craft, which is pretty evident by the state of my room and everything on the walls. I even had a blog about it once, but I got too busy for that! If I need to have fun, I’ll craft. If I need a break, I’ll craft. Pretty much I’ll just craft—I love to craft.

HC: It’s so cool that you have a blog, what is it called?

NG: It’s called I used to use it a lot in the past. Aw man what a throwback!

HC: If you could give a first-year one piece of advice, what would it be?

NG: To not be on your phone when you’re walking around campus. If you were looking up, you would meet so many more people and make more connections with those around you. But I still struggle to get off my phone, too!

HC: What is the coolest thing to happen to you during your time at college?

NG: As quirky as this is, residence life has been the best thing that’s happened to me here. There’s a quote that I’ve been saying, “res life is the best life” and lately I’ve been adding, “res life is the life for me.” It’s definitely something that has changed my perspective in school.

HC: If you had an anthem, what would it be?

NG: I can’t just pick a song! I’ve been listening to Hamilton lately. I’ve learned to really like it because of what’s going on with politics and our country. The soundtrack is pretty much about Hamilton and his time in office. The events during that time in our country are pretty similar to what is going on currently, and it’s evident that people need to take a stand. It also showcases a lot of powerful woman on the track. They’re strong, independent woman and I get that vibe by just hearing their roles relayed by the music.

HC: Pepsi or Coca-Cola?

NG: Uh duh, Coca-Cola… even though I bought Pepsi today because I ran out of Coca-Cola. It took a lot of effort…

HC: What is something about you that not many people know?

NG: I’ve donated over 36 inches of my hair!

HC: Valentine’s day is coming up, do you have any plans?

NG: Not really. I’m actually going to an ISP meeting and giving out some Valentines to my coworkers in residence life. Then I’m going home the following weekend to celebrate with my boyfriend. I actually made him a mason jar with a flyers symbol on it. I told him this year I would rather make each other something than buy each other stuff.

HC: If you could be one Disney princess, which would you choose to be?

NG: Of course Rapunzel from Tangled. I love her! I’m kind of crazy and she’s pretty crazy too, so on that level I relate to her so much. She also carries around a pan, like how cool? AND THAT HAIR, THAT GOLDEN HAIR THAT GLOWS!