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Seven Savvy Ways To Save This Spring!

We’ve all been there! You open your wallet and somehow the $20 you thought you had is actually only three dollar bills. Don’t worry! Continue reading to find out some savvy ways to save this spring!

1. Start Carrying Cash!

Studies have shown that if you pay with cash you are more conscious of the money leaving your pocket. It’s so easy to get carried away while buying things because all you have to do is swipe a credit or debit card. Try hitting up the ATM before you shop to reduce frivolous spending.

2. Stop, or Reduce, Eating Out!

Figure this: each day for lunch you spend $5 on either a sandwich or slices of pizza out with your friends instead of packing your lunch or using a meal swipe. Those $5 add up pretty quickly… $25 later and you no longer have the extra cash in your wallet. Treat yourself to a lunch out occasionally, but cutting back will definitely keep cash in your pocket!

3. Pay Your Credit Card Bills On-Time

Not only will this give you better credit, but you won’t accumulate interest on your monthly purchases. This one can be hard, but try to pay off as much as your budget can allow each month to cut back on the extra fees your credit card company will charge you.

4. Stop Impulse Purchases!

I’m not talking about the super cute shirt that’s on clearance and you have a coupon for. I’m talking about the items that are full price and cost as much as your paycheck… Give it a couple of days to think about if you really want it, and if you still want it, go for it! If you lose interest after those days, forget about it!

5. Use Your Student Discount!

Plenty of restaurants and stores offer student discounts, but don’t advertise it. Ask! You pay (either financially or mentally) for your degree, get the most out of it! Even if the discount is 10%, most of the time that covers the tax and then some! Anything is better than nothing when you’re a college student.

6. Start Making Your Own Coffee

I even struggle with this one, but if you add each of your Starbucks or Dunkin drinks up, that’s a good chunk of change. If you have a coffee maker or Keurig in your apartment/dorm room, it’s cheaper to make your own rather than spend $5 for a coffee. If your school’s coffee shop offers 50 cent refills on plain hot or iced coffee, take advantage of that (ours does!!). Buy a reusable cup, and get your money’s worth! Try to avoid paying full price.

7. Buy in Bulk

If you have the space, buy in bulk! Stores like Costco, BJ’s and Sam’s Club offer great deals on their items… in bulk. If you have the space to buy ten pounds of chicken, separate it out into freezer bags and freeze it! This also goes for household products or toiletries. It’s costly at first, but in the long run, you’ll save a couple dollars!


Straight from Central New Jersey, yes it does exist, Sarah is a senior biology major at the Univeristy of Scranton. When she's not studying, she enjoys rowing for the U, training for marathons that she forces herself to do, and having the college experience with her friends. Her favorite Starbucks drink is a venti iced coffee, black, because she likes to live dangerously. She's an owner of two goldfish whose names are Brandi and Bacardi, and she loves all things America. Xoxo
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