Seasons Change

Fall is upon us, and for most, it is the favorite season!  The changing of the seasons is very important for our natural cycles in nutrients, and resources. 

 For many animals, they have to experience a change in the way that they can find food and even find a place where they can live.  

For plants, the falling of the leaves emulates the very naming of the season, “fall”.  The reason why plants shed their leaves is in efforts to conserve energy and use it for being extra efficient in growing in some unbearable months.  The leaves are there to produce energy in most trees (via photosynthesis), and when there is little heat, and sunlight availability, the tree has to maintain its energy.  All over the world, our society highly regards the falling of the leaves as being a beautiful sight of foliage.  

Having all four seasons is a beautiful way to see the complexities and relationships between the plants, animals, and the human need for resources.  Along with this, being able to see the conservation of energy for plants and animals is a great way for us to connect with nature and realize how fragile and delicate the processes of the Earth are.  

Long story short, I wish that the next time you admire the foliage, or event walk outside, you think about how beautiful and complex our world is, because it’s the only Earth we have!